Contingency Staffing:
DaMar will search, surface, interview, screen, test as appropriate, reference check and refer only selected candidates to its client customers. The DaMar fee is earned only if the client customer hires one of DaMar's candidates. DaMar stands behind the client's hiring decision by offering a strong guarantee.

Temp-to-Hire is preferred by client's who want to "try" the employee before they hire. DaMar assigns the candidate to the client for one calendar quarter (520 work hours), during which time DaMar is the employer of record. At the end of this period, the client may employ the candidate with no further financial obligation to DaMar, except for trailing invoices from the temp-to-hire assignment. If the assignment terminates before 520 hours have been completed, it is just a short-term temporary assignment, and DaMar retains the services of the employee.

Temporary Staffing:
From clerical to professional, DaMar offers temporary staffing services, using the same screening diligence it does for direct hires. For each full month the candidate "temps", DaMar reduces its gross service charge should the client desire to employ the DaMar candidate. After one year of temporary service, any DaMar candidate may be converted to the client's payroll at no additional charge.

Retained Search:
DaMar will assign a Project team to your specific project. In addition, we will meet with your Executive Committee, as necessary, for complete search data, and to offer our total HR consulting regarding surfacing the appropriate candidate. Our talent pipeline, as well as in-depth behavior based processing, will ensure not only the correct skill-set, but the appropriate chemistry fit for your organization. DaMar will provide weekly updates on the search progress.